Locus Telecommunications

2200 Fletcher Avenue, Fort Lee 2200 Fletcher Avenue, Fort Lee If you want to find a company that can truly appreciate the power of communication, look no further than Locus Telecommunications, a provider of affordable telecommunication products to more than 70,000 retailers in all 50 states. When they needed to relocate a major call center, they understood that any down time in the transition would mean lost calls, lost opportunity, and lost revenue. The deal required a complete build-out of 10,600 SF of office space and careful coordination to bring the new state-of-the art call center online to coordinate with the timing of vacating the old center.


Great connections.
Handling the logistics of a major relocation requires the ability to listen and respond quickly. But often a successful deal comes down to a critical detail that requires having just the right connections. In the case of the Locus deal, that critical detail was a potential delay with the township of Fort Lee, NJ in obtaining a certificate of occupancy. Resource Realty overcame this obstacle by staying in close contact with the building department of Fort Lee. Facilitating weekly meetings and conference calls between the town and the ownership of 2200 Fletcher Avenue not only allowed us to understand the issues at hand, but gave us the ability to get the call center operational by Locus's target date.


In the client’s words:
Resource Realty asked the right questions, listened to our needs and responded quickly and efficiently to our requests. More than that, they provided the vital information we needed to make the right decisions to ensure a seamless move. Their knowledge of the market and key players in the market, as well as their ability to anticipate and handle issues as they arose kept the process successfully on track.”


Tammy Hopson-Colon, Manager of General Affairs

Locus Telecommunications, Inc.

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