Prism Capital Partners


Right place, right time, right resources

When opportunity knocks, it pays to have the right partners to open a few doors for you. In 2003, Gene Diaz and Ed Cohen were starting their company, Prism Capital Partners, LLC, investors and developers of commercial and residential properties in the NY metro area. When they saw an opportunity to acquire a 190,000 SF office building in Parsippany, New Jersey at a bankruptcy court proceeding, they knew they would need to identify an equity source – and quickly.


399 Jefferson Road, Parsippany399 Jefferson Road, ParsippanyBringing partners, dollars and deals together.
Though the ability to fund a deal is likely the most common “make or break” factor, finding a broker with extensive experience in equity placements is rare. But Prism principals Gene and Ed had a longstanding relationship with Resource Realty’s Dave Warren.

Dave’s experience in the mechanics of equity placements and his relationships with potential institutional equity partners resulted in a joint venture that came together quickly enough to meet the short timeframe dictated by the bankruptcy court - and that first deal came together. But real success in equity placements is measured by establishing long-term partnerships with recurring opportunities for both developer and investor. The deals have continued for Prism and the equity source – to the tune of over 1 million square feet, including two very large industrial-to-residential and mixed use conversions, each totaling in excess of 300,000 SF.

We love a good win/win situation.

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