Microelettrica Scientifica

A Tailor-Made Solution for Microelettrica Scientifica

"All special problems need special solutions: we tailor-make them for our customers." That line comes from Microelettrica Scientifica's website and emphasizes their focus on developing customized solutions. So when the company needed to find a new location for their expanding U.S. manufacturing and distribution operation based in New Jersey, they expected their real estate partner to provide the same kind of customized service the company provides their clients. 

For 60 years Microelettrica Scientifica has been designing, developing and producing, in full autonomy, contactors, protection relays, and resistors dedicated to the most advanced and demanding applications of railway transportation, urban mobility and industry. In late 2014, the company began looking for just the right building to grow their New Jersey manufacturing operation from 12,000 square feet to 68,000 square feet. They were seeking a location with the image and environment to match the strict standards this European company requires in their facilities around the world. They also needed to find a building that had the infrastructure to support the leasehold improvements they would need to install--and an owner who understood how to satisfy their needs.

After contacting several commercial real estate brokers, Microelettrica Scientifica settled on Resource Realty, seeing a good match with Brian Wilson and the firm's extensive industrial real estate expertise and market knowledge. With the company's requirements in mind, Resource Realty did their homework, researching the best options across multiple counties and spending nine months touring the client in several counties to find the right size facility to accommodate Microelettrica Scientifica's current New Jersey workforce geographically, while also providing the curb appeal and functionality necessary to expand their already large operation. The final selection is located in Morris County and is in an International Trade Zone. The 68,886 square foot building in Mt. Olive Township struck the ideal balance of size, access to major highways, proximity to the existing and future workforce, and value.



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