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Resource Realty, is pleased to announce the celebration of their 25th year of providing exceptional corporate real estate services throughout the tri-state area. Founded in 1989, Resource Realty has become one of the most recognized names in the tri-state market.


At the time of their founding, Resource Realty wanted to create a unique business model to deliver commercial real estate services to their clients – a model based on acting as a truly valuable resource to their clients. Over the past 25 years, the real estate industry has finally caught up with other industries as it pertains to integrating technology. With the advent of these technologies, there is a wealth of knowledge available to real estate firms. Resource Realty strives to use this relevant information as leverage for their clients, to truly set them apart in their market.


“Today, most real estate firms have access to the same market data. It’s how you use that data to leverage your client’s position that really makes a difference,” says Tom Consiglio, SIOR, Principal at Resource Realty. “We strive to exceed client expectations by combining our years of knowledge in the industry with today’s advanced real estate technologies to make more efficient and successful transactions.”


With this announcement, their “resources, relationships, results” mentality has been proven to fill a gap in this ever-growing industry. Sales professionals at Resource Realty average more than 25 years in the business; their knowledge and resources eliminate potentially costly delays in the decision making process. Resource Realty also understands that meeting clients’ particular needs often involves resources outside of the actual real estate transaction, so they have worked tirelessly to cultivate a strong network of professionals in various industries, ensuring that they can help their clients handle virtually any situation.


“As a veteran of the industry, I can confidently say that our team at Resource Realty provides clients with unparalleled resources to ensure their real estate transaction is smooth and successful,” says Scott Peck, SIOR, Senior Vice President.


Resource Realty offers their clients a wide range of services, including property marketing and tenant representation services. Their personal, firsthand experience and knowledge of the market gives clients a unique and actionable perspective. And, with their comprehensive database of comparable properties, clients can rest assured knowing their team has put together a strong marketing plan that presents their property at the right price, to the right pool of potential tenants or buyers.

In looking back over the past 25 years, one thing is certain: the team at Resource Realty is excited to see what the next 25 years – and beyond – have in store, for both the firm and the industry.


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Resource Realty of Northern New Jersey Office:


299 Cherry Hill Road
Suite 202
Parsippany, NJ 07054-1107
Phone: 973-299-0900


Resource Realty of Central New Jersey Office:


1090 King Georges Post Road
Suite 507
Edison, NJ 08837-3721
Phone: 732-225-0300