Chemtex USA

CaptureChemtex USA is one of the leading suppliers of flavor and fragrance ingredients to a variety of industries throughout the country. The company was operating out of two facilities, one of which was managed by a 3rd party logistics group.  Chemtex wanted to combine their distribution, administration and testing into a single location. They had unique needs related to various municipal and state regulations, and the approval process would take time.

Professionalism and Persistence
There are a few key elements that make a real estate transaction successful. Understanding the client’s need, being receptive to that need, knowing the market, and providing viable options are a great start to the process. But the professionalism, persistence and follow‐through that Greg Sabato with Resource Realty demonstrated truly set him apart from the competition.

In the client’s words:
“We had been working with another firm and just weren’t getting the results we needed. Greg was willing to listen and respond with our ideas in mind. He understood what we needed and quickly found available properties. But we still had to go through the process of elimination to find the best fit. Greg was patient. He never gave up. As we ruled other properties out for various reasons, he was willing to go back to the drawing board until we found what we needed. He was professional, always available and very responsive.” Peter Lepore, EVP, Sales & Marketing Chemtex USA

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